Wednesday, October 26, 2011

such beauty

Monica Belluci...such beauty, such sensuality...
today's topic with my friends was on beauty...what do we consider beautiful? and my first thought: monica belluci! man, that woman is beautiful! she is not the typical character we are used to. i like her because she is not only a beautiful person, but very strong as well. she knows who she is, what she has, and what she can give the world...what i admire about her is her confidence that builds up to her beauty...she is the type of person that when she enters the room everyone stops whatever they are doing and just looks at her


Fashion Cappuccino said...

She's one of my idols! Such a powerful beauty and so sensual and feminine at the same time. Thank you for your comment about being a's hard to deal with disappointments sometimes because we romantics have high expectations :-) xoxoxoo

Diana said...

i really like your blog and i read it constantly, and i was happy to see the article about romanticism:)...i saw myself in the article as well:) romantics:)