Wednesday, October 26, 2011

such beauty

Monica Belluci...such beauty, such sensuality...
today's topic with my friends was on beauty...what do we consider beautiful? and my first thought: monica belluci! man, that woman is beautiful! she is not the typical character we are used to. i like her because she is not only a beautiful person, but very strong as well. she knows who she is, what she has, and what she can give the world...what i admire about her is her confidence that builds up to her beauty...she is the type of person that when she enters the room everyone stops whatever they are doing and just looks at her


let the romance continue...
since i've talked about laura pausini's strani amori, i could not skip andrea bocelli and his incredible vivo per lei...i still have goosebumps every time i listen to this song!

strani amori

and here it is..the song of my love with laura pausini, this was the song i still know by heart...obsessed with italian language since i can know myself, i use to, somehow, find myself in her songs, even though, at that time, i was way too young to understand some of the things she was saying in her songs...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

versace for h&m

versace for h&m collection
i can't say i love the entire collection, but i found some really nice pieces and the prices are acceptable...what do you think??

here you can find the entire collection:

Monday, October 24, 2011


i dream about the warm summer days on the beach...but, instead, i just have to wake up and realize that it's cold outside now...
photo from my trip to puerto rico, 2010 with my teammates

Sunday, October 23, 2011

dolce farniente

sundays are my dolce farniente days...i just love to stay in bed until late, watch my tv-shows, or, if its very nice outside, to meet up with my is one foggy day, so here i am, under my blanket, looking over asos' site, deciding on some dresses, and missing summer time, when all i needed was that...

Saturday, October 22, 2011


my wish list - bottega bags. i absolutely love them!  if i could, i would buy every single one of them

like the boys

zegna and bottega veneta boys - i love their men's wear. i find it very attractive. plus men in suits...should i say more?

under the blanket

a little bit of romance in a warm bed on a late rainy saturday morning

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a different minnie

"What exactly defines beauty? Does the answer lie, as some have suggested, in perfect symmetry? Or perhaps in possessing exotic features? Is today’s perception of beauty something that is completely natural or dramatically manufactured? And is it truly in the eye of the beholder?" (

what is beauty? ... i can't say exactly... there is the outside beauty most agree on, but then again there is a inner beauty as well, the one that comes out of your personality, that truly shapes your outside beauty. i strongly believe that the beauty inside you beats the one outside, at least on the long run.

for me, beauty means to be happy with yourself, to be proud of your achievements, but be humble in the same time;  it means to have the power to speak up and ask the world for what you want, but in the same time to realize that nothing worth having comes easily.  on the outside, beauty means to take care of your body, to always look presentable, according to the place you are going. 

the easiest way i can explain what beauty means to me: confidence! for me it all lays down to that: confident in who you are. there's so much you can do with your outside (except surgeries, but i won't go there) but there are endless things you can do with your inside. there's no limit in there. it is an ongoing growth towards the person you want to become and that's from where your beauty will come.

the photographs from the article are very interesting - extreme beauty - along with the questions on what beauty is. as i look through them, i see perfect faces and bodies but there is more than just that. the photographs are amazing because there is a message behind each and one of them. it is the expression of each model that fully completes the picture, without which the photographs won't have the same impact, nor beauty.

p.s.: the blouse is amazing..almost angelical, i dare to say
-- vogue, december 2005, ysl blouse --
-- --

dreaming for love

my song of the day...

apparently a hidden weapon

one of my favorite rings...some considered it a weapon - it really hurts when you hit someone with it, trust me, i've tried it, of course, unwillingly, never meant to hurt him, i just forgot i had the ring on when i "friendly" hit him

-- banana republic ring --

Monday, October 17, 2011

and it brought tears to my eyes

you will see this pretty often on this blog...i love music, it helps me calm down, concentrate, it takes me away from this crazy world into a place of dreaming, of thoughts, and memories. so i am putting them down for you as well, maybe you might want to listen along with me...
i just watched transformers 3, one of my favorite movies. still makes me cry every time i watch it (cry after robots, can you believe it?)...but anyways, all of these songs, except the last one, are from the soundtrack of the movie...beautiful music! beautiful movie! --the last song is my today's song. i have this thing where i put a song on repeat and listen to it for a very long time, usually until whoever is next to me goes crazy and starts yelling at me to change it. is that strange to you?--





Alexander McQueen


Looking through all the collections, i noticed that the ones i liked very much are the mcqueen, valentino and balenciaga collections. of course there a lot of others i loved, but i felt that these three fit me the best...the romance behind valentino's dresses combined with the breath taking mcqueen collection and the sharp edges of  Nicolas Ghesquiere's...just perfect!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Alexander McQueen SS 2012

have you ever had your breath taken away by a dress? because i had mine taken away when i saw this mcqueen piece.  and no matter how many times i look at these pictures, the same feeling is there...

i will add more of what my impressions where about this past fw and what designs i loved; i just had to share with you something that i find extraordinary


Always good to be here

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