Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a different minnie

"What exactly defines beauty? Does the answer lie, as some have suggested, in perfect symmetry? Or perhaps in possessing exotic features? Is today’s perception of beauty something that is completely natural or dramatically manufactured? And is it truly in the eye of the beholder?" (

what is beauty? ... i can't say exactly... there is the outside beauty most agree on, but then again there is a inner beauty as well, the one that comes out of your personality, that truly shapes your outside beauty. i strongly believe that the beauty inside you beats the one outside, at least on the long run.

for me, beauty means to be happy with yourself, to be proud of your achievements, but be humble in the same time;  it means to have the power to speak up and ask the world for what you want, but in the same time to realize that nothing worth having comes easily.  on the outside, beauty means to take care of your body, to always look presentable, according to the place you are going. 

the easiest way i can explain what beauty means to me: confidence! for me it all lays down to that: confident in who you are. there's so much you can do with your outside (except surgeries, but i won't go there) but there are endless things you can do with your inside. there's no limit in there. it is an ongoing growth towards the person you want to become and that's from where your beauty will come.

the photographs from the article are very interesting - extreme beauty - along with the questions on what beauty is. as i look through them, i see perfect faces and bodies but there is more than just that. the photographs are amazing because there is a message behind each and one of them. it is the expression of each model that fully completes the picture, without which the photographs won't have the same impact, nor beauty.

p.s.: the blouse is amazing..almost angelical, i dare to say
-- vogue, december 2005, ysl blouse --
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Ana said...

Hello Diana!!
I believe that to consider someone as being beautiful or pretty that same person has to be confident as u said, but also has to like himself, to be proud of who he/she is and lastly to love /enjoy life!Yes a person can be beautiful without similing or being happy but once being happy and show a honest and friendly smile it would be ten times more beautiful!
To me beauty is confidence and self-love!!
Nice post Beijinhos**

Diana said...

Hi Ana!

i agree with u! very good addition to my post. you have to first love yourself to be able to share it with the rest. i agree with everything you've just said.

thank you for you comment!!!