Thursday, May 10, 2012

absolute white

I have said it before and I will say again today that there is something that attracts me in Scandinavian design!! Maybe it is the presence of this absolute white, pure and powerful. As a child I grew with Italian design influence coming from my mother who loves the style and finds her relaxation in those warm earth colors. But as a young adult I started to explore more of what is outside of this side of Europe, and going up on the map, I discovered the Scandinavian design which I found, at first impression, attractive, different, and to some extend cold - totally different than the warm colors of Italian style. As I look more into what it has to offer, I come to realize the depths, the beautiful persona created around it, the amazing combination of different styles, bringing in the old with the new, the high-tech with the rawness of the objects.

With that being said, I managed to combine this style with a bit of Rococo - and this particular combination stands for my inspiration for my project on the restaurant. Even though, I have to admit it moves slower than predicted, I am, step by step, getting there; therefore, hopefully soon I will be able to show it to you guys.

Until then, here are some photos from my Pinterest showing this white I was talking about.


Mat said...

now following. that's first lamp is so good

Diana said...

thank you Mat!!!!!