Thursday, April 19, 2012

oh Mama!

ok..So I bought this magazine when I came out and I couldn't stop staring at him...In May 2010, Architectural Digest goes out with Gerard Butler on the cover...I mean, that was enough for me to just buy it (leaving aside it is one of my favorite magazines) but when I opened it and found the article about him and his loft in NYC, I was speechless and could not take my eyes off for literally ONE HOUR! I was just in love now more with the apartment than with the man!! If that is even possible...Being one of my favorite actors, I was absolutely pleasantly surprise to see an apartment totally different. With this apartment, Butler won my heart! It is amazing, masculine, raw, and yet extremely elegant! Elvis Restaino did an incredible job in transferring Butler's qualities in one incredible interior design!

Images via Bright Bazaar and Google


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...


June said...

Wow that is one stunning apartment! It looks more like a classy hotel! He's got great choice! Would you like to follow each other?

June said...


Manu Luize said...

Beautiful house!

Have a great week,
Manu Luize.

Mat said...

not sure about this place at all, bit too outside inside?

Diana said...

hi Mat!

Yes you are right. there is a lot of the outside brought inside, and there is a dramatic feel to it as least that's what it gives me...but it is different, i feel like it describes the actor, as much as I can picture him from movies and random interviews I've seen...
maybe less plants??:)) there are a lot in that apt i have to admit:))
i'm sure the apt is heavily decorated for the photo shot as well...probably during normal days it's not that heavy

but what do you think about the rest? except from this outside inside aspect